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Word Filled Wednesday :: Global Food Crisis Day


My sweet friend Laina took this photo while in Uganda…if you know me you know a piece of my heart is in Uganda. My Compassion Child, Katherine, lives there. I find that looking at these photos quickens my heart…to help each child in any way that I can…

Today is Global Food Crisis Day. We can all do something to help today…just 13 dollars can feed one child for a whole month.

For more information on Global Food Crisis Day you can read this post and it will tell you what YOU can do to help.

Because these children, they are the least of these. And we can help.

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Word Filled Wednesday


Every time I visit the ocean I always think of one thing…infinity…it looks as if it goes on forever…in all four directions…and then I think of this verse and I am overwhelmed by the grace and mercy shown to us by Our Father…

And then I think of the words to the Casting Crown’s song East to West and the last few lines…

cause You know just how far the east is from the west
From one scarred hand to the other
One scarred hand to the other
From one scarred hand to the other

As we enter this season of remembering what Jesus did for us I cannot help but think of all that He did.

His Blood, His Life, for me, for you.

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Happy WFW!

Word Filled Wednesday


I used to be the girl who would think to herself…Lord I know you are going to come back but could you wait until I have lived my life to it’s fullest extent…cause you know my life right now is pretty sweet….

But as I have grown and matured as a Christian something started happening…my soul and my flesh are at odds…and I find myself discontent with the things of this world…

and I long to be with Him.

To shed the weariness and pain of this earth and be with Him, praising Him, loving Him, hugging Him….

So until that day comes as described in the verses above I shall wait hopefully, albeit a little impatiently :)

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Word Filled Wednesday


One of my dearest friends suffered a miscarriage earlier this week. As I sat and listened to her today I thought of this verse and how true it was. From the moment they realized what was happening that morning and through out this time God has blessed them with a tremendous comfort that even I could see and feel. A peace I saw in them that I know can only come from one Source.

I have trouble turning those closest to me over to my God. And today I saw that our God does a much better job of comforting than I ever could.

And I thought of this door. It is a door at the retreat center I went to back in November. I almost wept the first time I saw it because something was so peaceful…and the words above Him with His outstretched hands…Come to Me and I will give you rest.

That is what I saw today.

Two people resting in Him, comforted by the One who Loves them.

Some days I am so overwhelmed by who HE is and what HE does for us.

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Word Filled Wednesday


I so love this verse. It is my most favorite given to me by my sweet friend Beth many years ago for a mission trip that was a huge catalyst for change in my life. I have seen it everywhere over the last week…on several blogs, in an email, and so on so I thought I would share it with you :)

The words are just so beautiful to me. Not only is He mighty to save but He is with YOU, He delights in YOU, He loves YOU, and rejoices over YOU.

If I am ever feeling down I go straight to this verse. It lifts my spirits and reminds me oh how very much He loves me :)

I hope it reminds YOU today :)

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So loved by Him,

Word Filled Wednesday


This verse is so beautiful to me so I paired it with my most favorite of places :)

Imagine putting our hope in Him…because His love does not fail and in Him we have full redemption…my heart cannot even begin to comprehend the beauty of His unfailing love and full redemption…

February is often called the love month and I cannot think of any better way to start this month off than with the though of unfailing love…HIS LOVE.

Blessings to you today my bloggy friends.

(and Congratulations to all of my WFW friends who are one of the Blessed Aroma blogs…you are a delight to me and our God!)

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Word Filled Wednesday




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His Beloved,


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