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The 24 hour Roller Coaster ride of Life…

It’s funny how many emotions you can feel in a day.

In the last 24 hours I think I have felt every thing from elation to sadness.

Elation in that my Bethers is doing well in her pregnancy and has picked out (with Brent of course) one of the most beautiful names ever….Brynn.

Joy for my friend Margaret Ann who is getting married in March.

Disappointment with my lungs giving me problems…again. (and the fact that I am going to have to go to the pulmonologist.)

Joy at watching what a crazy pup I have….Sami can make me laugh even at my most down.

Sadness at the passing of Heath Ledger….and fear because he was only 1 year younger than me.

Happiness in seeing friends lives be blessed.

Blessed and Loved by those friends.

Grief in hearing details of a death that shocked me and crushed my heart.  And knowing suffering came to her at the hands of a human….I sometimes cannot believe we are capable of such horrific things.

And finally one that amazed me…grief and joy at the passing of one of the cutest little guys I have ever seen.  See I live in the south and well down here there are two legends on the radio.  Rick and Bubba.  This weekend Rick’s 2 year old son, Bronner, accidentally drowned. Sadness for this family filled my heart.  You may ask, ok then where does the joy come from?  Well today they posted Rick’s message at his sons funeral (you can check it out at It was called A Father’s Heart and it blew me away.  He gave the most amazing message about his son and our Father.  It brought me to tears many times.  I sat in awe and listened as this man who lost his baby boy on Saturday preach Christ, and love, and grace, and CHRIST!

Ahhh the roller coaster of life…emotions… As a counselor I love them and hate them…but they are a part of each of us.  It is choosing what to do with them that really counts.


This is Sam, short for Sami.  My new puppy.  She is a miniature schnauzer…

Isn’t she adorable!

Life is going okay…still lots of unknowns and questions but He is always faithful.



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