Plan B by Pete Wilson

I first found Pete Wilson after he commented on a post on this very bloggy before I moved my personal blog. It was on one of my Word Filled Wednesday posts and so I clicked on his name. It took me to his blog…and so I followed him on twitter.  As a girl who has had some issues with the church his blog and tweets encouraged me and also gave me hope that authentic communites in church can be found.

When the chance to review his new book, Plan B, was available….I spent an hour on booksneeze trying to snap a copy. It was crazy but I did get a copy and I am so glad I did!

Using his own words, quotes, and stories from those in the Word who had to go to a Plan B Pete Wilson weaves together a book that encourages you and challenges you.  As someone who is currently trying to figure out what in the world I want to do next…this book was a much needed read.  From the very beginning you are put at ease as to who Pete Wilson is himself.  Just an ordinary guy who messes up just like we do….and who has had some Plan B moments in his life too.  As I approached the middle of the book I realized what I really liked about Pete’s writing style…it is informal (in a good way), it’s as if he was sitting across the table from you drinking coffee and sharing a story.

In the end Pete points us back to the very central thing…

Instead of an answer, God offers us something better. He offers us a solution. He offers us the cross. -Pete Wilson, Plan B pg 218

Using stories from the Word such as David and Abraham and he also uses one of my favorite things, quotes, to further the points he makes.  He uses great authors such as Peter Scazzero to drive certain points home.  Tying the Word and the quotes together when his own thoughts Plan B is a book many people have been longing for.  A book that encourages those of us in the midst of finding out we need a Plan B.

About the Book:

Learn how God often does His best work in our most hopeless situations.

What do you do when a shattered dream or an unmet expectation causes you to turn to Plan B? Pastor and author Pete Wilson uses real life stories of disappointments and tragedy along with biblical stories such as David, Joseph, and Ruth to help readers face their own overwhelming situations and through them to learn God is working to help them surrender their plans to receive His. He identifies our common responses to difficulties and offers hope, helping us to

Understand what God might be up to See how surrender helps us to receive God’s plan Embrace the community of believers Reconcile a God of love with a life of tragedy and suffering Wilson points readers to the cross as not just the starting line but the centerpiece of our stories with God where we turn in our Plan B and find the undeniable relationship between crisis and true spiritual transformation.

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Thank You Book Sneeze for my copy of Plan B by Pete Wilson.


1 Response to “Plan B by Pete Wilson”

  1. 1 Amanda May 3, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    I’m really looking forward to reading this book!!

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