Notes from a Tilt-a-Whirl by N.D. Wilson

The reason I picked up this book in the first place was the title. At this point in my life it feels like I am riding a tilt-a-whirl so the title piqued my interest immediately!

I was fascinated with this book from the preface. N.D. Wilson clearly states “this book does not go straight.” And then I saw the chapter titles and laughed out loud as one is named for the small town I live in….this book was a definite go for me!

The author was correct in that this book does not go straight….but in the end it spoke to me in so many ways…as life does not go straight! To me this book was a lot like poetry. Some people love it and some people are going to hate it. For some poetry is deep and meaningful…for others it is just a bunch of words.

Personally I enjoyed the book tremendously. N.D. Wilson’s writing style is unique and quite descriptive. I love that he asked questions and ponders on things. And to be honest he does not answer many of those questions…as they are not meant to be answered here.

The tagline of this book is simply Wide-Eyed Wonder in God’s Spoken World. I cannot think of a better description of this book….it is creative and unique and a fresh outlook. It is written in a way that reminds me of an artist. To me it makes perfect sense as our God is a most wonderful Artist and this was a fun way to explore the beauty that is.

Notes from a Tilt-a-Whirl is a funny and yet thoughtful book….that goes around and around but I for one really enjoyed the ride!

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