How Sweet It Is Alice Wisler

I admit I was first interested in the book, How Sweet It Is, because of the cover :)  It was fun and unique.  I was drawn into the story pretty quickly as Alice Wisler knows how to give you small details that keep you wondering.  And the characters, oh the characters in this book…after I finished it all I could think was I hope she writes another one with some of these characters.  I enjoyed everything about this book, the premise, the main chracter Deena, and the people of Bryson City.  And the lessons Deena learns are something I cannot help but think we all need a refresher course about these things.  Simple things.  Simple pleasure make life so much better.  Especially when we are paying attention!  There were some scenes that had me tearing up and some scenes had me smiling.  Ms Wisler has a unique voice and I cannot wait for her next book!

About the Book:


When Deena Livingston moves into her grandfather’s cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, she plans to keep to herself, start a cake-decorating business, and recover from the heartbreak she left behind in Atlanta. But a special request from Grandpa Ernest compels her to interact with the Bryson City locals, who have some surprising stories to share with the new girl in town.

Can a Dr. Seuss-quoting plumber who shows up at the most unexpected times, a handsome social worker who seems to know exactly what Deena is thinking, and a classroom full of mischievous middle-school students teach Deena to once again embrace the sweet things in life?

How Sweet It Is by Alice Wisler is published by Bethany House


1 Response to “How Sweet It Is Alice Wisler”

  1. 1 Alice J. Wisler July 6, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    Bless your heart! Thanks for reading and the review! Read my first novel, Rain Song, if you can. Thanks!

    ~ Alice J. Wisler

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