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Today’s Topic
Well since tomorrow is Father’s Day and it’s likely that a few of you may still need to purchase a Father’s Day gift why not books?

Do you have a book you’d recommend as a Father’s Day gift? I’m particularly interested in any Christian fiction books you’d recommend for dads, since I’m always reading that men read less fiction than women!

Neither my dad nor my brother are book readers, oh how I wish they were :o)  I do have a cousin who love books so we often get him the latest Political Thriller, and some Christian books have fit that area.

I think if I were to buy my brother a book it would be one about fatherhood, he and my sister-law and trying to get pregnant and I think he would really appreciate the views of a Godly man who is a father.

My Uncle has always loved fiction so we usually get a book for him in the suspense genre and sometimes a giftbook or a really nice devotional.  As far as a specific Fiction book, probably the new Ted Dekker books….He has long been a Peretti fan and I think he would like Dekker’s books.  I also think  Charles Swindoll’s Great Lives from God’s Word series would be fabulous.  And 1776 and John Adams by David McCullough would be fascinating.

Hmmm.  I need some more fellows in my life that read to really answer this question properly…haha!  I do notice that my guy friends read a lot more Christian Living topical- especially about youth and the like… more than fiction…

Amy, this is a question I have always pondered as it seems most Christian fiction is marketed specifically toward women which makes me sad.  I know some guy friends who love to read….we need an Christian answer to a Tom Clancy  or David Baldacci and the likes :o)

So there you you have my opinion….and I cannot wait to read yours!

For more Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday visit Amy over at her blog My Friend Amy.


1 Response to “Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday :: Dad Edition”

  1. 1 thebluestockingguide June 20, 2009 at 10:08 am

    My dad doesn’t read a lot either. Here is mine

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