Word Filled Wednesday


One of my dearest friends suffered a miscarriage earlier this week. As I sat and listened to her today I thought of this verse and how true it was. From the moment they realized what was happening that morning and through out this time God has blessed them with a tremendous comfort that even I could see and feel. A peace I saw in them that I know can only come from one Source.

I have trouble turning those closest to me over to my God. And today I saw that our God does a much better job of comforting than I ever could.

And I thought of this door. It is a door at the retreat center I went to back in November. I almost wept the first time I saw it because something was so peaceful…and the words above Him with His outstretched hands…Come to Me and I will give you rest.

That is what I saw today.

Two people resting in Him, comforted by the One who Loves them.

Some days I am so overwhelmed by who HE is and what HE does for us.

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20 Responses to “Word Filled Wednesday”

  1. 1 Jennifer Burgess February 18, 2009 at 1:38 am

    Yes, I want to be overwhelmed by Who He is and all He wants to do – not overwhelmed with the condition of our society and the failure of manmade institutions to “fix” us all. If people would only look to Him instead of the government. I want to see someone today who needs to know Him and I want to tell them He is wiating for them.

    Jennifer B

  2. 2 Mokihana February 18, 2009 at 1:45 am

    Thank you for the reminder; this has been a week when I have needed His comfort….

  3. 3 Denise February 18, 2009 at 3:16 am

    I am so sorry for your friends precious loss.

  4. 4 Vikki February 18, 2009 at 5:23 am

    Thank God that He holds us and our loved ones in His hands, and knows just what we need for every situation. What a wonderful promise of rest and comfort! Thank you for sharing.

  5. 5 hip chick February 18, 2009 at 5:43 am

    I’m sorry for your friend and her family. God does bring comfort to all who seek him.

  6. 6 Mary February 18, 2009 at 8:53 am

    Being overwhelmed by who He is . . . that is a very comforting place to be.

  7. 7 Deanna February 18, 2009 at 9:41 am

    Miscarriage is such a terrible loss. Your friend is lucky to have you to sit with her as a physical comfort as Jesus heals her heart.

    Thank you for this beautiful WFW. I have been seeking God’s comfort today too!

  8. 8 Laurie Ann February 18, 2009 at 10:41 am

    I will keep your friends in my prayers. I am so sorry for their loss but so glad to hear they are comforted. It’s a hard row to hoe, that’s for sure, just getting to the Place of that comfort after a devastating loss like that. May God keep them in perfect peace and may He do the same for you.

    Beautiful picture! Love the Scripture, too.

    Happy WFW!

  9. 9 Lisa February 18, 2009 at 11:13 am

    I needed this today. Thanks for sharing the word, the picture, and the story. May God’s peace be with you and your friend.


  10. 10 Patty Wysong February 18, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Praying for your friend, Christy, and thanking God for the peace and comfort He’s already given. Wonderful, wonderful verse for us!!

  11. 11 Joanne Sher February 18, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Beautiful reminder Christy, and such a comforting truth. Praying for your friend. Happy WFW

  12. 12 Kristen February 18, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Awesome reminder of the promise we have in Him — comfort when we mourn.

    Joy is coming.

  13. 13 lori@allyouhavetogive February 18, 2009 at 3:32 pm


    “I have trouble turning those closest to me over to my God. And today I saw that our God does a much better job of comforting than I ever could.”
    I’ve felt the same feelings and witnessd the power of God…what a powerful image…and being overwhelmed by HIM is an amazing thing…

  14. 14 Kym February 18, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    what an interesting statement. I never thought about “not turning people over to God” I know that’s an issue for me too, just never thought about it that way.


  15. 15 Sue February 18, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    I’m sorry for your friends’ loss, too. It’s such a blessing for them that they know God and are receiving comfort from Him.

    I love that door, too, and the verse you put on it.

    Happy WFW!

  16. 16 Rebecca February 18, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    That image is beautifully comforting. And from one who has recently experienced the same loss, I can say I’ve never fully experienced God’s presence as close or as tangible as when I needed Him during that time. I gained such a closeness with God, that I would not take the situation back if I could. Prayers for your friend today.

  17. 17 Amydeanne February 18, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    I hope your friend will be comforted by this. hugs my friend.

  18. 18 ozjane February 18, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    This is very relevant in our Country and State right now. Two memorial services for men who had gone to glory in the bushfires.
    They are not lost..we know where they are.
    One 22 the other 64 yet I believe that the younger one has not missed out on anything that will not be far far better in eternity than in this life. Both ran their race with skill and excellence and both loved Jesus.
    Now it is comfort for those who remain.
    Praise God what He offers comfort.

  19. 19 LauraLee@LauraLee's Lifesong February 19, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Oh, wow, this is positively anointed. I am so sorry for your loss…I know how difficult it is to get through. Thank you for using your own sorrow to encourage others.

  20. 20 Peggy February 25, 2009 at 1:34 am

    Blessings Christy…I hope that as you recalled this door and verse it brought you peace & comfort as you saw them resting in His arms! I’m so sorry for their loss! I agree that it’s difficult to know how to comfort but just be there and listen! May the Holy Spirit fill you with His Comfort!
    Hopefully you can find that REST as well!

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