The one with something different.

I am not a person who likes change.

In fact, I am the type person who likes driving the same way to work, every day. I like having everything in it’s place and a place for every, single, little thing.

But lately, I crave change.

I have taken several different route to work and classes. I change my computer background multiple times a day (unheard of from me!), I have tried new foods (somewhere a friend’s jaw has fallen open because this, this never happens!), I have tried new genres in books, movies, and television shows.

All these choices seem simple but for someone like me changing even the small things is

A. Big. Deal.

I prefer order and planning.

But there is a drive in me for something different. Something, dare I say, uncomfortable….

I love to be comfortable…and I am surrounded by comfort.

But a part of me is longing to get away from my comfort zone. It started last week with my post about Nashville. Not only do I have a desire to move, I have a desire to change my career path. I have a desire to step out in my writings and photography and I have the desire to go into the world and be the feet of Christ.

I have desires that I have not had before. And these desires take me away from my comfort zone. I think this is how I know these desires for change are from God. He is asking me to be willing, to give up some things and to get uncomfortable….but mostly He is asking me to trust Him. To step out and trust in Him….to delight in Him in a new way.

He asked me to put my self out there in a way with this blog. I cringe every time I push publish because I am afraid what I have written will make others think I am stupid, or someone will laugh at my writings…but it is my desire to glorify God in my writing, a desire I had long forgotten, and so I keep trusting Him and taking that step forward…

Because He has shown himself Faithful to me over and over. That song echoes my heart’s desire right now.

So for now I keep taking those steps forward.

I may not know where those steps are going to lead but I will keep trusting the one who is Faithful.

His Beloved,

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