The one about awkwardness

Ok so I am an awkward kind of gal. Seriously.

I was thinking about it this morning because last Thursday was one awkward day!

Of course when you can not talk and part of your job is talking well that lends it self to awkward situation number 1.

Secondly you work with people who, umm, may or may not have a tendency to have loud voices. And you may or may not be in a meeting trying to say something and finally get to say it after we have moved on…3 times!

And you may have come across as rude at some point to some other clients because you have lost all abilities to communicate vocally, even whispering.

And as you are leaving you realize the flood lights need to be turned on so the parents can see how to get into the office and with your boss standing there you flip on and off random lights until he looks at you and flips the switch marked “flood lights”

If that is not enough you then go through a drive-thru and muster up enough voice to “yell” in to the speaker thing your order and when you finally start to speak all you get are some squeaky noises and the person on the other end of the speaker asking if you are okay…

And your final awkward moment is, of course, at the drug store, where you are stocking up on easy to make foods cause you don’t want to leave your house again until armageddon (or you feel better which ever comes first) and you may or may not have dropped the basket at the cashier stand while trying to reach for more chocolate.

As I was thinking of these things this morning I realize how very thankful I am that God has a sense of humor…because I can read all of this and laugh! That was not true a few years ago. I would have never written this post because I would have been so embarrassed by all these things and I would have beaten myself up about how “stupid” I was. And that beatings would have lasted for days as I reminded myself every time I did something awkward.

You see satan, he is a liar, he steals, and he destroys. But only if we let him. And I have stopped letting him.

Because the God of all things…He truly makes all things new…even how we view who we are.

So just call me awkward girl…

and I am okay with that. Because God is in the midst of the awkward moments too.

His Beloved,


1 Response to “The one about awkwardness”

  1. 1 Jennifer January 20, 2009 at 1:18 am

    Great post. I’m laughing with you. *g* I have had those days.

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