The one with the King Jr. and Passion

There are few people in the lime light that I respect. They have a tendency to say one thing and do another. But I have always respected Martin Luther King Jr and his wife, Coretta Scott King. I don’t think about it too often but as we take some time today to reflect on this man and what he stood for I wanted to reflect here with words.

I started thinking about why I respected Mr King and it comes down to three things. His passions, his dreams, and his ability to love.

His famous “I have a dream” speech and his “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speeches will forever live in my memory as some of the greatest words I have ever heard/read. He passion for equality and peace drove him. And more importantly his dreams for himself and all those around him drove him. He wanted more. And he never forgot about his one driving force…His faith. I have no doubt that he loved our God. His wife too lived her passion, her dreams and her love. When she passed away I spent much of my time watching the news coverage and soaking in what she did in her life.

I think the King’s were on to something….pursuing something wholeheartedly…and not letting fear stand in the way.

See this is where I get caught up. I have passions and dreams yet I am often to afraid to go after them. Yet there are times I know God is sitting there waiting for me to take that leap of faith.

Mr King knew the possibility of death was a reality, in fact, I think he probably knew it was a certainty. Yet he pursued his passion and dreams anyway. In his last speech he says, “I just want to do God’s will.” In the end isn’t that what I want?

What if we started pursuing our God given passions and dreams. What would this world look like? Would it change?

Mr King changed the world…and I think we can too…if only we would take that leap of faith. I can only think as we look forward to a historic day tomorrow, the Presidental Inaguration, that Mr King had a whole lot to do with what is about to take place.

People are taking leaps, huge leaps of faith….

Because if we leap and we start to fall, there is always someone to catch us. If we would just trust Him enough to leap in the first place.

His Beloved,


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