The One with the Awards

So I have received a few bloggy awards in the last month and thought today was a good day to pass them on seeing as it is cold outside maybe this will warm up some insides :)

kreativblogawardThe lovely Amy gave me the this award…

Anyway, these awards always seem to come with strings attached. Here they are: “I have to decide on six values that are important to me, six things I don’t support, and nominate six bloggers.”




Six Values that are Important to Me
2) integrity
3) authenticity
4) gratitude
5) humility
6) humor (hey life is better with this!)

Six Things I Don’t Support:
1) cowardice
2) Apathy
3) Greed
4) Ignornance
5) Judgmental
6) Rudeness

Six Bloggers to Pass This on To:

Kindred Spirit: Laina is a real life friend and I could not give this to anyone but her….She is one of my best pals and we have so much in common and yet we challenge each other in so many other areas.

Best Listener: Amy Beth amazes me with how she loves the girls she works with. I think in her real life the reason so many people surround her is because she listens and she cares.

Most Thoughtful: Jen is wonderful! She encourages me all the time and lets me know someone loves me. And she always lets me know what some of the best books out there are :)

Most Generous with Time: Amy she probably would not agree with this but she amazes me…she spends so much time promoting books and the like…on her blog and on twitter. And she is helpful if I have a question or something. And we just found out it is a small world after all :P (inside joke!)

Most Gentle of Spirit: Amy Deanne is one of the sweetest bloggy friends I know. She takes amazing photos and shares them with us on WFW. And she is so encouraging! And she always has something nice to say in a world that is not so nice.

Most helpful: Kristen could actually fit into each of these categories. Seriously. She has encouraged me with my blogging goals, she lifts me up when I need it, and she is a girl after God’s own heart. She loves our Father God. Oh and her writings…they break me and they challenge me.


Sweet Sally presented me with the Premios Dardo Award.

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.

Here are the rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs who are worthy of this acknowledgment. Contact the bloggers and let them know that they have been chosen for this award.


So these blogs make me think or challenge me in some way:

PinkHairedGirl this gal tackles some tough issues and started a lifegroup online…she rocks!

Jenni Clayville I love how she loves others. And she is an amazing worship leader :)

Amy Deanne has a love for her family, books, photography and The Word. She started the WFW meme and I LOVE to participate.

Deanna I met her through WFW and twitter…her love for her boys warms my hearts…and her cooking site….yummo!

Maria is a college friend and she is open and honest about her young family and talks about her struggles with being a mom and wife… her blog is private but I wanted to acknowlege her anyway!

Jen I always call Jen my first online friend…we met a long time ago on xanga and have been friends since :) Her love of books inspires me…She always knows the best reads!

Laina is one of my dearest friends and I love her writing…she is on quite the adventure and I am learning lots about yachting and the life of a musician from her.

Kristen is a great new friend who rocks my socks off :) She also spends her time here Exemplify and I cannot wait to see what God does with that site this year!

Mimi is the director of FIRST Wildcard and an all around great lady :) And she writes great fantasy fiction!

Amy Beth amazes me with her writing and her authenticity. She is the director of a girls ministry, Starlite, and I love to hear what she is doing in those girls lives.

Ok, I know I know, there are not 15 there but I have the flu and my brain hurts from thinking :)

But those are the bloggers I appreciate….

His Beloved,

4 Responses to “The One with the Awards”

  1. 1 Kristen @ {dancing} in the margins January 16, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    You just made me cry with that compliment! THANK YOU.

    I have an award post I started writing for over the weekend and now I can add these to the mix. : )

    Friend, you encourage ME with your words here and your heart for our Savior King.

    Keep on writing, obviously with these awards the blog world loves you! : )

  2. 2 Jenni Clayville January 17, 2009 at 12:22 am

    Wow! You have just blessed me, girl. I didn’t think I’d ever live to see the day someone would say they love how I love others.

    Believe it or not, that has been on my prayer list of self improvement for the last 6 years.

    Since I’ve arrived, I’ll stop praying for it now :)

  3. 3 Jennifer January 17, 2009 at 1:30 am

    You are so sweet! I heart you. =]

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