The one in which she does not do resolutions

So as we look forward to the vastness of 2009 I wanted to make something…not resolutions but something…maybe a list of hopes, yes that is what I am going to call them. So… (in no particular order…)

My Hopes for 2009

find a church I love and feel comfortable with.

Love more, Judge less.

Blog at least 3 times a week, authenticity required :)

Visit Bethers in Michigan.

Spend more time with with my adorable nephews.

Learn more about Israel.

Get out of my comfort zone more.

Get together with friends more often.

Restart my “future husband” journal.

Start a journal for the Lover of My Soul.

Spend more time on photography…including researching schools.

Work on getting healthy!

Seek the path He has set before me and be willing.

Read the Word daily!

Title all my post like an episode of Friends (kidding!)

Be Content.

LAUGH everyday.

So those are a few of my hopes for this New Year. I am so looking forward to this year and all that God has in store for me!

What is your hope for this New Year?



2 Responses to “The one in which she does not do resolutions”

  1. 1 Kristen January 4, 2009 at 12:13 am

    If you title all your posts like episodes from Friends, I will love you forever. I still smile when I think of the last post you did that too and now this one. Genius.

    On Monday I’m putting up my resolutions/hopes.

    I enjoy resolutions, even though it seems no one else does!

    And I wrote a future husband journal for years…you should have seen Eric’s face when I gave it to him three weeks before our wedding. He actually cried. So, I support that hope deeply!!!

  2. 2 Laina January 4, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    My Dear Sweet Tristy,

    I DO ADORE your hopes for the year ahead… It seems we share many of the same — hopes. I especially love the journal to your husband… I have one, as you know, and I have neglected to write in it for years. (Maybe I felt it was too juvenile, or maybe I am ashamed of my decisions… Thing seem to change when you grow up.) But, you have reminded me of a passion I once held so dear. So, tonight, despite the fact that I’m worn out from 12 hours of driving, I will write a long overdue letter of apology to my husband-to-be…

    Thank you for always being that strong rock for me. I will always cherish your friendship and love you for your unconditional acceptance of me.

    The Lord Bless You And Keep You, My Precious Sister.

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