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Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday


Today Amy’s question is:

You have a good friend who is a devoted Christian and voracious reader. He or she, however, tried to read a Christian fiction book in the past and found it to be too preachy and unrealistic. Your friend wants to try it again and has asked you for a recommendation. Their favorite genre of book is what is considered literary fiction What book would you recommend to them?

You also have a friend who is not a Christian but wants to read fiction that is considered clean without being too Christian. They have asked you if there are Christian fiction books that might meet their reading needs. They are interested in romance and novels. What book would you recommend to them?

For the first friend…hmm to be honest I cannot think of any one to really recommend… Steeple Hill does have a Women’s Fiction line that I would probably suggest. The deal with life issues, sometimes marriage but each is unique. Women of Faith have also introduced a line of fiction titles that I would also consider literary fiction. Anglea Hunt is the author that most pops into my mind…

My answer for the second question…
I would highly recommend Julie Lessman’s Daughter of Boston series. (I know I know I always recommend her but well I LOVE this series!) Julie’s books deal with the very real subject of passion, in love and in life. The elements that make a great book are all there and Julie’s faith is evident in the books but at the same time the books are real and deal with issues that not many Christian authors have delved into. Her books are full of romance, good and bad choices, and redemption…just like life :)

I would also recommend Debra White Smith’s Austen Series. Each of the books is sort of a retelling of one of Jane Austen’s books with a Christian spin but it is subtle…and if you love Miss Jane then I would suggest these by Mrs Smith :)

I also agree with Amy’s assessment of the Love Inspired line…there is a current of Christian themes in the choices of the Character’s and their lifestyles but you are not being bombarded by sermonesque type writing.

And even though she is not a Christian author per se Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series is so good! The books have reooccuring characters so you really get to know the characters and the town. And each book is different. The characters range in age from 20’s to 60’s so there is something for everyone. There is an element of faith running through this series and Mrs Macomber herself is a believer and that comes through in this series.

And there you have my suggestions :)

For more Faith ‘n Fiction fun visit My Friend Amy!

For the Love of “T”….

So Jennifer (and Kristen and Andrea…) had this fun meme on her blog where she assigned you a letter and you have to come up with ten things you love starting with that letter…


Jennifer gave me the letter T

so here you have 10 things I love that start with the letter T!


1.  Tea….sweet tea and hot tea to be exact.  I am a southern gal and cannot get enough sweet tea.  And hot tea is such a comfort.

2. Taking Photos… I love to look through my camera lens.  Whether it be capturing my family or a sunny day I love how the world looks through my camera lens :)

3. Time…quality…with my Jesus, my family, and my friends.

4. Third Day…I am a long time fan of the band and love their music and their hearts.

5. Thanksgiving…I love the holiday.  A special time set aside to remember all the great things in life…and you get to spend time with your family!

6. Theaters…I love plays and musicals…and movies too :)

7. Tulips…my most favorite of flowers.  I love the variety of colors and their uniqueness!

8.  Traveling…I love, love, love to see the world!  It is my dream to travel to Israel, France, Greece, Italy…ummm the list goes on but I will stop there!

9. Twitter.. I love keeping up with people this way…it is fun to read about other’s lives in 140 characters or less :)

10. Trilogies and threes…haha some of my favorite things have come in trilogies…movies like Lord of the Rings, book series like Mission: Russia….


And there you have 10 things I love that start with the letter T…


Do you want to play along?  Leave a comment and I will assign you a letter :)

Word Filled Wednesday




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His Beloved,

The one with something different.

I am not a person who likes change.

In fact, I am the type person who likes driving the same way to work, every day. I like having everything in it’s place and a place for every, single, little thing.

But lately, I crave change.

I have taken several different route to work and classes. I change my computer background multiple times a day (unheard of from me!), I have tried new foods (somewhere a friend’s jaw has fallen open because this, this never happens!), I have tried new genres in books, movies, and television shows.

All these choices seem simple but for someone like me changing even the small things is

A. Big. Deal.

I prefer order and planning.

But there is a drive in me for something different. Something, dare I say, uncomfortable….

I love to be comfortable…and I am surrounded by comfort.

But a part of me is longing to get away from my comfort zone. It started last week with my post about Nashville. Not only do I have a desire to move, I have a desire to change my career path. I have a desire to step out in my writings and photography and I have the desire to go into the world and be the feet of Christ.

I have desires that I have not had before. And these desires take me away from my comfort zone. I think this is how I know these desires for change are from God. He is asking me to be willing, to give up some things and to get uncomfortable….but mostly He is asking me to trust Him. To step out and trust in Him….to delight in Him in a new way.

He asked me to put my self out there in a way with this blog. I cringe every time I push publish because I am afraid what I have written will make others think I am stupid, or someone will laugh at my writings…but it is my desire to glorify God in my writing, a desire I had long forgotten, and so I keep trusting Him and taking that step forward…

Because He has shown himself Faithful to me over and over. That song echoes my heart’s desire right now.

So for now I keep taking those steps forward.

I may not know where those steps are going to lead but I will keep trusting the one who is Faithful.

His Beloved,

The one with Music

This song never fails to speak when I cannot. The words are so beautiful and so true.

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me

Morning by morning I wake up to find
The power and comfort of God’s hand in mine
Season by season I watch Him, amazed
In awe of the mystery of His perfect ways
All I have need of, His hand will provide
He’s always been faithful to me.

I can’t remember a trial or a pain
He did not recycle to bring me gain
I can’t remember one single regret
In serving God only, and trusting His hand
All I have need of, His hand will provide
He’s always been faithful to me.

This is my anthem, this is my song
The theme of the stories I’ve heard for so long
God has been faithful, He will be again
His loving compassion, it knows no end
All I have need of, His hand will provide
He’s always been faithful, He’s always been faithful
He’s always been faithful to me.

-Sara Groves He’s Always Been Faithful

His Beloved,

We’re in This Boat Together by Dr. Camille Bishop

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! If you wish to join the FIRST blog alliance, just click the button. We are a group of reviewers who tour Christian books. A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author and a full chapter from each book toured. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for young, or for old…or for somewhere in between! Enjoy your free peek into the book!

You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today’s Wild Card author is:

and the book:

We’re in This Boat Together

Authentic (August 14, 2008)


In her thirty-year teaching career, Dr. Camille Bishop’s love for students and her penchant for adventure have taken her to classrooms all over the world. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in math, Dr. Bishop began her career in the trenches as a secondary mathematics instructor in the North Carolina public school system. This first taste of teaching convinced her that she had found her calling, so she enrolled in graduate school, earning a master’s degree in education at North Carolina State University. Since 1988, she has been on the faculty of the University of the Nations, a non-profit educational institution with a global network of locations.

Through her work with the University of the Nations, Dr. Bishop has visited sixty nations of the world, interacting with educators, government officials, and other non-profit agencies. While leading an educational development project in Albania, Dr. Bishop sensed the need for more training. She returned to the U.S. and received her Ph.D. in education from Trinity International University, where she wrote her doctoral dissertation on leadership transition between the generations. This research became the focus of her unique new book, We’re in This Boat Together.

Product Details:

List Price: $14.99
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Authentic (August 14, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1934068373
ISBN-13: 978-1934068373



Raging, white-foamed water surrounded our black rubber craft. The raft seemed like a bathtub toy compared to the expanse of the river. The noise was deafening. My stomach lurched as we sank into another unexpected drop. Menacing boulders poked up through the water. Why had I selected Class IV and Class V rapids for my first white-water experience?

My first white-water rafting expedition was with a group on the New River in West Virginia, with rapids that have special names attached to them. Paddling the tranquil water before the first rapid, I found it hard to believe that we would hit rough waters. But the rafting guide’s instructions kept pounding in my head: “Don’t lose your cookies.” She had informed us that we should navigate that rapid before lunch! I was nervous. Suddenly the raft several hundred feet ahead of me disappeared. It simply dropped out of sight. All my senses came to attention.

Fear seized me. My stomach churned. I clutched the oar tightly, preparing myself for the precipitous drop just ahead of me. There was no turning back. We had miles to go and numerous rapids to ford before the adventure would end. I wondered if I would survive. Hours later, exhausted from all the adrenalin that had pumped through my body, we arrived at the end of our journey. I had lived to tell the tale. And I even had a photo to prove it!

Similar thoughts, feelings, and reactions emerge when people are faced with transition in an organization, especially when the change involves leadership. And let’s face it—in the life of an organization the time to transfer leadership will come if the group hopes to continue. The first question becomes What will the transition look like? Is it possible to prepare for transition in ways that allow for tranquil waters or at least smaller rapids? Does transition have to be tumultuous, wrenching, and as terrifying as Class IV and Class V rapids? How can we pull together to make leadership succession work between generations?

In today’s workforce no one is exempt from the fact that four generations are currently represented. From the worlds of business and education to nonprofit organizations and churches, a similar scenario exists. One might find in the same company a seventy-year-old working alongside a twenty-two year- old. Down the hall, a Gen Xer might be consulting with a Baby Boomer. What are the defining qualities of each of these generations? Many questions come to the surface:

• Are there generational differences in work ethic—and if so, what are they?

• How does each generation relate and respond to authority figures?

• How does each generation perceive women in leadership?

• What are their expectations in the workplace?

• How do they balance the demands of work and home?

• What are their views about money and fiscal responsibility?

• How does each generation view the role of leadership in an organization?

These questions reflect the need to better understand the values and behaviors of each of these four generations. Research indicates that our perception of leadership is linked to the particular generation in which we grew up. Without that knowledge, transitions in leadership can be very messy. Insight and appreciation of generational differences can prepare a workplace for a much smoother changeover.

The Silent Generation consists of those born between 1925 and 1942. They are the children born during the Great Depression and the generation sandwiched between the first and second world wars. Boomers followed the Silent Generation (1943–1960) and were raised in an era of opportunity, progress, and optimism. They also experienced a radically changing society marked by rebellion, shifting social norms, and outward challenges of authority. Growing up in the shadow of the Boomers, Gen Xers were born between 1961 and 1981. They are technologically savvy and were raised in the age of dual-career families. Finally, Millennials, some of the newest members of the workforce, were born between 1982 and twenty years thereafter. A “plugged-in” generation, they have been around technology since birth. The Internet world of blogs, wikis, podcasts, and ever-present e-mail is as natural to them as breathing.

Each of these distinct groups of people see life differently because of the times in which they grew up. Just consider the differences that might exist in financial matters between those who grew up during the Great Depression and those who were raised in the “instant credit, no-payment-until-next year” society.

Might there be a clash between Henry, a member of the Silent Generation who sees leadership as the general who goes to the helm, and Jason, an Xer who is distrustful of leaders and prefers collaboration? You can almost feel the white water forming.

How can we navigate the rapids of transition? The answer to that question is the reason for this book. So grab your oar, don’t forget your life jacket, and push off into the white water. It is going to be quite a ride!


Meet the Rafting Team

Rumbling down the dirt path to the launch site, the aging yellow bus that once served public schools came to a creaking halt. Daniella, the guide, stood stoically on the riverbank to meet the latest group, their company having paid good money for a white-water adventure. Medium height, bronzed from the sun, and rippling muscles, she has encountered all types. Nothing would surprise her.

The bus door opened. Only four brave souls stepped off—a small band of rafters today. They are a departmental task force from Handover Corp., (* Handover Corp. and all of its “employees” are fictitious.) a medium-sized company that was founded in the 1950s in the local area. The company rep told her this was a team-building exercise. Daniella, a Swiss-German, sized them up.

Nate, a tall and lean young man in his early twenties, appears to be in his own world. His black special-edition iPod matches his long dark shorts and is blaring tunes into his ears. A plain white tank shirt exposes a solid tan and well-etched muscles. A simple, black, lattice-looking tattoo circles his right bicep. His head is shaved. Nate hung out at Starbucks last night, researching this rafting expedition. The GPS software on his laptop allowed him a virtual tour of the river, with close-ups of each rapid. He Skyped a buddy of his in the Ukraine who had gone white-water rafting a few months ago, and then he eased into a chatroom to get some more input. He can hardly wait to blog the experience. Hired fresh out of college with a degree in computer security, Nate has been with Handover only a year. He blocks the hackers.

Nate has no idea how long he will be with Handover. Maybe he will start his own business in a few years.

Brianna, a blond who just turned thirty-two, looks distracted. She barely made it to the bus on time after dropping off her only child, Abby, at preschool. Her husband, Kyle, owns his own business, and they both work hard, juggling the demands of home and work. At least they share the load equally and have some flextime in their schedules. Handover even allows her to work from home one day a week. She designs webpages and has been with the company for five years. Brianna is short and a little thick in the hips. Too much fast food. But her turquoise-blue tank suit with matching sarong covers most of the overindulgence.

She IM’ed a bunch of friends the day before to talk about this trip and was feeling better about it. A team-building experience would look good on her resume. Who knows how long she will be at Handover? Opportunities abound, and experienced webpage designers are in demand.

Brad is in his late forties and wonders if he can actually do this. Although stocky and athletic, he has suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and a frozen shoulder in the past year. Besides that, his desk is piled with a backlog of work. He really doesn’t have time for this. He sincerely hopes that extra compensation is coming his way for his participation and that he will survive it unscathed. Brad designs software and works extra hours, trying hard to please. Handover is going through some transitions, and he wants to avoid any downsizing. He has twenty years with the firm; but software design could be outsourced. He would like to retire early, at age fifty-five, with a solid pension and then explore other options—like the local golf course. He is expecting a sizeable inheritance. At least he looks good in his Eddie Bauer rafting outfit and Ray-Ban sunglasses. A Nike baseball cap covers his head.

George, though the oldest member, is spunky. At sixtyeight his wrinkled face reflects his years, but he stands tall and confident. He could stand to lose a few pounds, but they are mostly concentrated in his paunch. A pork-pie hat sits squarely on his balding head. A navy blue T-shirt hangs loosely over his torso, with the white Handover Corp. logo squarely over his chest. He has worked at Handover his entire career and is proud to be part of the organization. He maintains the computer hardware. George wants to keep working as long as he can. Handover hadn’t focused much on team building in the past. But times—they are a-changin’. He can adapt. He is a survivor.

“Good morning,” Daniella said rather flatly to the foursome. How many times have I given this spiel? “Welcome to the Black River Rafting Expedition. Everyone needs a life jacket, oar, and helmet. Please suit up.”

As she observed the foursome rummaging through the bin of life jackets and helmets, a question jogged through her mind: How do these four folks work together in the same department?

A totally different question ran through the minds of the Handover group: Can this tough lady get us safely down the river?

“Where do you want us to sit in the raft?” asked George, his comment dragging her back to the present. “I’d like to sit in the front, if you don’t mind,” he said.

Brad rolled his eyes and shot a quick glance at Brianna, who mouthed, “What’s new?” Nate was just unplugging his iPod.

Daniella rasped, “Just get in. We’ll sort it out in a few minutes. I’ve got the rudder position.”

As the raft slid into the river, George was perched in the front, Brad was on the right side, Brianna was on the left side, and Nate was in the back with Daniella. The inky water was like glass, smooth and tranquil.

“Okay, let’s review a few things,” said Daniella. “First, I’m guiding this raft. If you don’t listen to me, you could put all of us at risk. Until it gets rough, you are free to sit on the sides of the raft. But when I say to get down and sit low, do it. At some places in the rapids we’ll have to pull strongly to one side or the other. And sometimes the roar of the water will be deafening. You’ll have to strain to hear me. Everyone needs to repeat my instructions out loud so we are all on the same page. Questions, anyone?”

“Got it,” replied George. Just follow the directions.

“Sounds logical to me,” said Brad. Let’s get this show on the road; I’ve got work to do. Sure hope my shoulder doesn’t flare up again.

“I’m with the team,” responded Brianna, her voice a little shaky. This could be riskier than I thought. I have Abby to think about.

“Yo, I’m in,” chimed Nate. This looked awesome on the GPS.

“All right, let’s practice a few maneuvers,” commanded Daniella. “Nate, take a position behind Brianna. And George, move back in front of Brad.”

“Okay, we’ve got two on the right and two on the left. When I say ‘Paddle left,’ George and Brad stop paddling; and Brianna and Nate, you guys paddle like your lives depended on it. Reverse it for ‘Paddle right.’”

“Paddle right,” shouted Daniella. “And remember to repeat the command.”

“Paddle right,” Nate, Brad, Brianna, and George said in unison. It was a little anemic.

“Shout it loud!” yelled Daniella from the back of the raft.

“PADDLE RIGHT!” screamed the foursome. George and Brad paddled furiously, moving the rubber raft significantly to the right.

“Low in the boat,” commanded Daniella.

“Low in the boat!” came the reply, and all four of them slid off the sides and sat down.

“Okay, one last maneuver,” said Daniella. “All of you need to be able to get back in the boat if you go overboard. Brianna, let’s start with you. Slide out, and I’ll show you how to get back in.”

Before she could protest, Daniella gave Brianna a little nudge, and over she went with a splash.

“Dang, it’s cold!” Brianna exclaimed, trying to catch her breath from the shock of the chill. Grabbing the side of the raft, she tried to pull herself up; but her legs slid under the boat, and she looked helpless.

Daniella chuckled. “Okay, good try. Grab onto the raft, and put one leg over. The rest of us will help you roll back inside.”

Brianna placed her short, hefty leg on the side of the raft; and, sure enough, it worked—Brad and Nate pulled her in.

George, Brad, and Nate all took turns getting into the water and maneuvering back into the boat. Nate was the only one with enough upper body strength to pull himself in without assistance.

“One final thing,” said Daniella. She reached beneath her life jacket, unsnapped a sheath, and pulled out a menacing six inch hunting knife. “If someone goes overboard and gets trapped under the raft, I have to act quickly. I’ll slash the raft and try to pull the person up. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’ve had to do it before. Questions, anyone?”

Brianna’s face was ashen. All of this for a team-building exercise?

“All right, let’s go!”

Daniella dug her oar strongly in the water and pushed out to the center of the river. What a motley crew. Oh well, we’re in this boat together. Time to experience the real thing.

Not too far ahead lay the first rapid, “Big Mama,” a steep drop and blazing ride through white water, shifting currents, and a challenging obstacle. The team would soon be tested.

Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday


It’s Saturday and of course that means the delightful Amy is hosting Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday.

Today’s question is:

One thing we share in common is a love of books. I know there are participants of Faith ‘n Fiction Saturdays that read over 200 books a year!
But while we may read a lot of books, only a few books in our lifetimes are special enough that we would never part with them, always recommend them, and maybe even reread them.

So…what fiction books with faith elements are on your keeper shelf? Please keep your answers to no more than 5 books! (series can count as 1!)

5 just 5…eek! Ok here goes…

1. The O’Malley Series by Dee Henderson…I LOVE this series, it has suspense, romance, drama, family…it is just good. I have re-read the series countless times and still love it.

2. The Daughter’s of Boston Series by Julie Lessman (and her new series too:) I love all things Julie…she her self is delightful and her books are so full of romance, drama, and family. Her tag line is Passion with a Purpose and she delivers :) I want to be an O’Connor!

3. Susan May Warren’s Mission: Russia series. I fell in love with the characters of these books. And I loved the setting of Russia and the suspense.

4. The Baxter Series by Karen Kingsbury– all of it :) I was a little late to this series but I made up for it big time. I love the real family dynamics of these books. The love, the pain, the realness of these books has me weeping each time I read them.

5. I cannot choose so I have two…Divine by Karen Kingsbury. I made the mistake of reading this book on vacation. Oh my. I could not put it down but I could not read it because I was crying so much. It is the most beautiful retelling of Mary Magdelene I have read and it moved me deeply
The Princess by Lori Wick is my most favorite book on my shelf. I have re-read the book countless times and actually have a backup copy. It was this book that made me realize we choose to love. We don’t have to love people we can choose who we love. But we also need to know love changes us. It makes us better!

What a fun question! I have many more favorites…I have one bookshelf devoted entirely to favorites that I will not get rid of.

If you want to participate in Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday Go visit My Friend Amy!

The One about Nashville

I have had a lot of time to think this week. And I have decided I am moving to Nashville. When? No Clue! How? No Clue! Where? Again, no clue!

Why? Well…

I have had some time this week to catch up on some amazing things going on at Crosspoint Church. I found out about the church a few months ago when the pastor, Pete Wilson stumbled on a post of mine and we had a little email conversation…and I started reading his blog. He is authentic and my resepect for him has risen this week, especially after this post. I am beginning to see how important it is for a church to deal with the hard stuff, and deal with it up front.
I am struggling to find a church right now that I am at home at. I live in a small town which to me makes it a little more difficult to find an authentic church.

And then there are events like this:
A Book Tasting How much fun would this be :) I already have Randy’s book. It is beautiful! I am blessed enough to have a watercolor by Randy and a print from the book. I am working on framing them and cannot wait to display them :)

I love the cultural aspect of Nashville. The music, the art…. I love that there is church that I could get involved in…. and I love the idea of a “big” city…

Of course I am being a little facetious about this but it does go along with my quandary… but the aspect of moving is something I am willing to do. Which considering how I was two years ago, or even last year, is a big step for me.

So while I like the idea of Nashville, what I am really excited about is the fact that I am willing. I struggle with willingness and willfullness. For the last three years have all but dug my heels in and told the Lord what I was going to do…and He could like it or lump it. But slowly He has been chipping away the rough exterior and revealing a softer, more pliant, heart.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

I am finding that the desires of my heart are changing, drastically. Yes, there are still some desires that are the same but some of the desires are changing in ways that I am excited about.

I have long thought that that verse meant what I wanted God would give me. That is not what this verse is about. It says Delight yourself in the Lord. I, um, skipped over that part and just went for the desires of my heart.

To delight myself in Him I have to be willing. Willing to be pliable and moldable, willing to do what He ask me to do.

Of course there are going to be days when I dig my heels in again and shake my head no and maybe even have a tantrum or two…but I do know that my heart, it is changing and those willful days are going to become fewer and fewer and I learn to delight in Him.

So while I am not moving to Nashville, I am willing to.

And who knows I may need a moving truck yet :)

His Beloved,

The one with the quandary

According to the dictionary:

Quandary- a state of perplexity or uncertainty, esp. as to what to do; dilemma.

discombobulate- to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate

this is where I am right now….

I don’t think I have ever felt so uncertain about things in my life…funny thing is I am quite okay with it for now. While the feelings I am having are confusing at best I knew this year was going to be a year of journey for me.

Why am I feeling this way? Well…

I love my job, I do. I love working with the teens and encouraging them and planting seeds in their lives. I want more. I love grad school and my classes but at the same time I am realizing that I do not like the strings that come attached to being an LPC or MAMFT. I just want to love the teens and encourage them. I am not sure where this is going to go I just know I am very unsettled and wondering what doors are going to be opening and closing….

Then there is the photography thing…I love it. I am so blown away by how much I love it…and what God is letting me do with it. WFW is one of my favorite things I do each week. And I love capturing images of beautiful things. And people! I think about how much fun I have had with it and I just smile…but at the same time some where along the way I have let my passion for it slip…I have not taken a photo this year… why is that? I still have the passion for it and I see something everyday and I think, “wow that would be an amazing photo”…and then I move on…

Then there is the writing thing…I love it too. When I wrote about my hopes earlier this year I forgot I wanted to write more. In December I felt the nudge to make this blog more than it was. I felt I should start writing at least three times a week in addtion to my book postings and Word Filled Wednesdays. And I have not had a problem having things to write this January…it is like God lays it on my heart and I write it. And I have other opportunites to share my writing…I will be doing an article for Exemplify in April which I am so, so excited about. And I think there will be other opportunities this year…I know he is opening a door here…

I am so excited about this creative side of me being opened up. I remember loving to write in middle school and high school (I was a writing nerd and scored a perfect score on the state writing test!) and some how I let that go. And I am doing the same thing with photography…letting it slip away.

I must grab a hold of these passions and keep them close to my heart… and not let them slip away… I long to be creative.

And yet in each of these things something is missing. I don’t know what yet but I am sure this journey I am on will get me to that place.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back from captivity. I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile.”
Jeremiah 29:11-14

So this journey… I am so glad He is leading the way…

Even though I have no idea where it is leading or what I may end up doing. I am learning to trust Him in a new way, a bigger way. And trusting if I fall He will catch me and we will start the journey again.

His Beloved,

Word Filled Wednesday


You know what I love…that we as a body of Christ can encourage each other. I had some trouble this week with inspiration for my WFW…and then I thought of this verse.


Because all the WFW posts each week encourage me. Every week there is one (or two, or three…) that touch my heart and show me a glimpse of something He is teaching me.

We have such a WONDERFUL GOD.

God has also given me several different outlets lately where I can be encouraged by others and I am so thankful.

So be encouraged my bloggy friends.

For more encouraging WFW go visit the lovely Amy Deanne.

His Beloved,


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