God in the Small Stuff

At one point in my life I worked at a Christian bookstore. Today that sounds like a slice of heaven. At that time it was not. I had been running from God for a few years and the job just sort of fell in my lap…so I worked at a Christian bookstore without a real relationship with Christ. I remember constantly seeing these books called God is in The Small Stuff. By Bruce and Stan. There were several different books…and I remember thinking to my self…God in the small stuff….yeah right. Like He Cares.

And then we have this week. And this year.

God is an everyday presence and help in our lives and He is constantly around us. The leaf spinning down from the ground, the sunrise, the sunset. These are all beautiful things we can see.

He also gets personal in those small things. For me this week has been about the small things.

An unexpected Christmas card in the mail.
A last day of work that went so smoothly….i was worried it did go so smoothly…haha!
A sweet hug from a little girl with a big heart.
The teen girls I work with playing with photobooth on my computer…and laughing.
A blog comment from someone who stumbled on my blog…it gave me HOPE.
Christmas music, Christmas movies.
Giving gifts to those I care about…and this is just the beginning of the gift giving.
A heartfelt wish of a Merry Christmas by a cashier.
A beautiful Cantata about the love of a Savior who came as a sweet baby
Lunch with some of my dearest friends

and the list could go on…

Oh the little things. They remind us we are loved and cared for by the Creator of the universe. He cares enough to be in the small things. If He cares so much for the small things imagine how much He cares for the big things in our lifes. If we give them Him…

He is faithful.



1 Response to “God in the Small Stuff”

  1. 1 Amydeanne December 22, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    great reasons Christy! and I know when someone leaves me a comment sometimes it makes it know that it’s worthwhile.

    God Bless my friend and Merry Christmas. You are a treasure in God’s eyes, as well as mine!

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