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It is time to play a Wild Card! Every now and then, a book that I have chosen to read is going to pop up as a FIRST Wild Card Tour. Get dealt into the game! (Just click the button!) Wild Card Tours feature an author and his/her book’s FIRST chapter!

You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today’s Wild Card author is:

and the book:


David C. Cook; 1st edition (September 2008)


Ginger Garrett is the critically acclaimed author of Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther, which was recognized as one of the top five novels of 2006 by the ECPA, and Dark Hour. An expert in ancient women’s history, Ginger creates novels and nonfiction resources that explore the lives of historical women.

On September 11, Ginger’s non-fiction book, Beauty Secrets of the Bible, based on the historical research that began in her work on Chosen was released. The book explores the connections between beauty and spirituality, offering women both historical insights and scientific proofs that reveal powerful, natural beauty secrets.

A frequent radio guest on stations across the country, including NPR and Billy Graham’s The Hour of Decision, Ginger is also a popular television guest. Her appearances include Harvest Television, Friends & Neighbors, and Babbie’s House. Ginger frequently serves as a co-host on the inspirational cable program Deeper Living.

In 2007, Ginger was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year Award for her novel Dark Hour. When she’s not writing, you may spy Ginger hunting for vintage jewelry at thrift stores, running (slowly) in 5k and 10k races, or just trying to chase down one of her errant sheepdogs. A native Texan, she now resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.

Visit the author’s website.

Product Details:

List Price: $ 13.99
Paperback: 311 pages
Publisher: David C. Cook; 1st edition (September 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0781448875
ISBN-13: 978-0781448871


And Job said unto God:

I admit I once lived by rumors of you;

now I have it all firsthand…

I’ll never again live

on crusts of hearsay, crumbs of rumor.

Job 42, The Message


Tomorrow, someone else will die in my bed.

Someone died in it last month, which is how it came to be called mine.

The infernal clock moved confidently towards 1 a.m., and I turned my head to look at the window. The window of this room is a miserly gesture from the contractors, producing more fog than visage. I watched the gold orbs—the lamps on the lawn of the hospice sputtering off and on in the darkness—that dotted the fogged glass.

That was the last moment I lived as an iver, one whose eyes are veiled.

One orb did not sputter but moved, gliding between the others, moving closer to the window, growing larger and brighter until the light consumed the entire view. I winced from the searing glare and tried to shield my eyes, but the IV line pulled taut. Wrestling with the line to get some slack, I saw the next movement out of the corner of my eye. I bit down hard on my tongue, my body jerking in reflex, and felt the warm blood run back to my throat.

Outside, a hand wiped the fog away from the glass, and I watched the water beads running down the inside of my window. There was no searing light, only this mammoth hand with deep creases in the palms wiping down the window until we both could see each other. A man’s face was against the glass, but no breath fogged his vision. He was a giant, grim man, with an earring in one ear and dark glasses, and he was staring in at me. Even through the morphine, fear snaked along my arms, biting into my stomach, constricting around my throat. I tried to scream, but I could only gulp air and heave little gasps. His expression did not change as he lifted his hands, curling them into fists. I flinched at the last moment, thinking him to be Death, expecting to receive the blow and die.

Then I grew suddenly warm, like the feeling you get stepping out from an old, dark city library into the busy street and a warm spring sun.

Death didn’t even hurt, I rejoiced. I could slip into it like I slipped onto that street, eyes down, my thoughts my own, and simply turn a corner and be gone. I lifted my fingers to beckon him. Yes, I thought. I saw the beautiful Rolex on my birdlike wrist, and saw that it had stopped. It is time.

When I looked back up, he was beside me, staring down, not speaking. I wasn’t dead. His frame was monstrously large, hitting what must be seven feet tall, with a width of muscle strapped across it that was inhuman. As he watched me, his chest didn’t move, and his nostrils didn’t flare, but heat and warm breath radiated from him. When he laid his hands across my eyes, I was too scared to move my head away. His palms covered most of my face, and a sharp buzzing drilled into every pore. He began to move his hands elsewhere, touching and bringing to life every splintered inch of my body. When he got to the cancer, with one swollen lymph node visible even through my stained blue gown, he rested his hands there until the swelling sighed and he swept it away with his hand.

“Wait!” I screamed.

I didn’t want to live. I hadn’t known that was going to be an option. I deserved to be damned. To return to my life was too much to ask of me. I was finished.

“You’ll still be dead by morning,” he reassured me. His voice was deep and clean, no tell-tale dialect or inflection. Taking off his glasses, I saw he had enormous gold eyes, with a black pinhole in the center that stayed round and cold. There was no white in them at all, and they were rimmed all the way around the outside with black. I stared at them, trying to remember where I had seen eyes like this. It was years ago, this much I remembered.

I had to shake myself back to the moment. Clearly, morphine was not setting well with me tonight. I wanted to die in peace. That’s what I paid these extravagant sums for. My hand moved to the nurses’ call button. Mariskka was just down the hall, waiting for her moment to steal my watch. I knew she’d come running.

He grabbed my hand and the shock seared like a hot iron. Crying out, I shook him off and clutched my hand between my breasts, doing my best to sit up with my atrophied stomach muscles and tangled IV.

He leaned in. “I have something for you.”


He leaned in closer. “A second chance.”

Second chances were not my forte. As the most celebrated editor in New York City, I had made a killing. I loved the words that trembling writers slid across my desk, those little black flecks that could destroy their life’s dream or launch a career. I bled red ink over every page, slashing words, cutting lines. No one understood how beautiful they were to me, why I tormented the best writers, always pushing them to bring me more. The crueler I was to the best of them, the more they loved me, like flagellants worshipping me as the master of their order. Only at the end, lying here facing my own death, did I understand why. They embraced the pain, thinking it birthed something greater than themselves. I saw how pitifully wrong they were. There was only pain. This is why I was ready to die. When you finish the last chapter and close the book, there is nothing but pain. It would have been better never to have written. Words betrayed me. And for that, I betrayed the best writer of them all.

“Burn any manuscripts that arrive for me,” I had ordered my nurse, Marisska. “Tell them I’m already dead. Tell them anything.”

“I’ll let you write the truth,” the man whispered.

“I’m not a writer,” I replied. My fear tumbled down into the dark place of my secrets.

“No, you’re not,” he answered. “But you’ve coveted those bestsellers, didn’t you? You knew you could do better. This is your second chance.”

It caught my attention. “How?”

“I will dictate my story to you,” he said. “Then you’ll die.”

Taking dictation? My mouth fell open. “I’m in hell, aren’t I?”

He tilted his head. “Not yet.”

I pushed away from the pillows and grabbed him. Blisters sprang up on my palms and in between my fingers, but I gritted my teeth and spat out my words. “Who are you?”

“The first writer, the Scribe. My books lie open before the Throne and someday will be the only witness of your people and their time in this world. The stories are forgotten here and the Day draws close. I will tell you one of my stories. You will record it.”

“Why me?”

“I like your work.”

I started laughing, the first time I had laughed since I had been brought to this wing of the hospice, where the dying are readied for death, their papers ordered, and discreet pamphlets on “end of life options” left by quiet-soled salesmen. I laughed until I was winded. He rested his hand on my chest, and I caught my breath as he spoke.

“Let’s go find Marisska.”

A Thankful Heart

Today is that wonderous US Holiday….Thanksgiving! I love this holiday and it is probably right behind Christmas and Easter (for obvious reasons!) for being my favorite. I love that we have set aside a day to be Thankful…but to be honest I think we bypass that part…We eat the Turkey, we watch the football, we watch the parade, and then we prepare for the next day of insanity (aka Black Friday). So I am stopping to day to be thankful and you get to read just a little of what I am thankful for…

My Mom. My Brother. My Memaw. My Dad. My Family.

Friends: Beth, Allison, Laina, Becky R…just to name a few…

Pam: She has been such a huge blessing this week after my Mom’s surgery. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for her.

Bloggy Friends! Jen (she was my first bloggy friend several years ago on xanga!) Amy Beth, Kristen, and Amy. All of these ladies I have met over the last few months have blessed me with their words and their hearts. There are more of course but these ladies rock!

For FIRST WC and Mimi– what a blessing it has been to share my love of books with others!

For my job and the people I work with.

For a great 6 months of having little health problems, after last year I was very discouraged.

For Julie Lessman and her books. It has been such fun getting to know her and I consider her my first author friend. I love her heart and her books :o)

For Amy Deanne and Word Filled Wednesday! It has been wonderous to get to know Amy Deanne and to join her on Wednesday’s as we celebrate His Word and creation through photos…This has definitely been on of my highlights this year.


For music that speaks to my heart.

For Twitter…I know that sounds odd but it has helped me connect with many “online” friends…it is a wonderful community to be involved in.

Living in a free country and the right to vote…

And the list could go on and on…but more importantly…

Today I am thankful for the Cross, for the death of my Savior, but more importantly for his Resurrection. I am thankful for my Jesus. For His Magnificent LOVE. Without it I am nothing…with it I am HIS.

My Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.
Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.


Word Filled Wednesday


Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving, I love spending time with my family, the turkey, but mostly I am thankful for my Jesus. His Love, His Sacrifice, His Peace….

What are you thankful for?

For more WFW goodness go visit the lovely Amy Deanne.


Passing On Some Homemade LOVE!

Dearest Bloggy Friends,

I want to send YOU some homemade LOVE…

Sweet Kristen at {dancing} in the margins has this little game on her blog and I wanted to play too so….

The game is played like this:

1. The first 3 commenters to comment on this post will win a handmade item from me!

2. Those 3 commenters (and anyone who wants to play along, I think) have to be willing to post the rules of the game on their own blog and pay the handmade love forward by gifting their first 3 commenters with something crafty!

3. There is no set price range. Spend as little or as much as you’d like.

4. Craft-making players have 365 days to make and ship the 3 First Commenters their handmade gifts. (Though you don’t have to wait the full year, if you are a fast crafter!)

So, do you want to play?

If you want a handcrafted item from me, just comment :o) And add the “rules” above to your blog so you can send some homemade love to your bloggy Friends…

Those who comment/play (the first 3!) I will be emailing you soon to ask you a few questions and to get your address too :o)

Review of Through the Storm by Lynne Spears

I was not sure what I was going to think of this book…I will be honest I had started tuning out Britney stories awhile ago because I just could not see this young woman fall any farther. She broke my heart. And I will also be honest and tell you I had many preconcived notions about the Spears family.

Lynne Spears shatters all of my notions in just the first few chapters. Yes her daughters have had less than stellar repuations, with one being pregnant and having a child out of wedlock, to one having a breakdown of sorts early this year. Of course our first thought is Where is the Mother? Lynne Spears shows you what life was like for the Spears family, through death and divorce, happiness and heartache. The most important thing I learning in this book is that we are all human, we all basically want the same thing. LOVE.

Lynne Spears does not offer excuses or platitudes about her behavior or her families behavior instead she just tells the story of their lives, the good and the bad. She tells you honestly of her regrets and of her bad choices. It is all done in honesty and with heart.

The book is an easy read, I actually read it in one sitting as once I started reading I just could not stop.

You see a mothers heart in this book, a mother who loves her children and has done the best that she knows how. And in the end all that really matters is that she LOVED.

If you enjoy autobiographies definitely give this one a glance!

Preview the BOOK!

For more information and to purchase the book go HERE!

Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday


It is time for Faith ‘n Fiction Saturday hosted by the lovely Amy.

Today’s question:

We’ve been blessed to finally start seeing some of our favorite Christian books come to life on film. So far, these have been largely low budget films, but they generally get the heart of the books across. But my question for you is…if you had an unlimited budget, what Christian fiction book would you like to see made into a film? Who would you cast in the main roles? Would you have a preference on director? Any songs you’d like to see on the soundtrack?

My answer:
Oh wow where to start! Ok so I have a double answer. First I would love, love, love for the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn to be made into a movie(s)! I think so many young ladies have grown up with these books and it made make a fantastic move, and show girls what love should be and should not be…..

Ok now for my second answer…
It is hard to choose between The Princess by Lori Wick or Pretense by Lori Wick…I would choose Pretense! First of all the novel is very long (around 800 pages I do believe) but it has everything! It has drama, romance, death, life….let’s just say I think it would be an amazing movie. The story line also goes through most of the main characters lives, from birth to marriage. So it would be an easy to come up with the screenplay.

I would definitely have Anne Hathaway as MacKenzie. As for Delancy hmm, I think for the rest of the cast I would choose less well known but amazing actors. As for a director, Andy Tennant, he has directed some of my favorite movies :o) And as for music I would want Alan Silvestri to compose and want the amazing Third Day, David Crowder, and Tenth Avenue North on the soundtrack… new and original songs of course :o)

I think my ideas would make for an amazing movie…how about you? :o)

For more fun answers go visit My Friend Amy!


P.S. I know a great deal of people did not like the book Pretense when it came out but it has always been one of my favorites :o) I like longer books :o)

Friday Fill-ins #1

1. The last band I saw live was actually several bands, Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph, Switchfoot and Third Day.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is spending time with my family. (if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, insert your favorite holiday)
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is always enjoyable and fun.
4. Thoughts of all the wonderful things coming up fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear my new cute shirt that I just ordered.
6. Bagpipes make beautiful and haunting music.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to cooking some favorites for Family Thanksgiving, tomorrow my plans include cooking a yummy turkey and Family Thanksgiving and Sunday, I want to rest and watch Jack Bauer’s return to 24 Redemption!

My first time doing the Friday Fill-ins and what fun….if you want to join the fun let me know I would love to read your answers!

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Infidel by Ted Dekker

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these comic book versions of Ted Dekker’s books, they are fun and a great way to get teens to read who otherwise are not really interested in reading! Great for ALL ages :o)

It’s the 21st, time for the Teen FIRST blog tour!(Join our alliance! Click the button!) Every 21st, we will feature an author and his/her latest Teen fiction book’s FIRST chapter!

and his book:

Thomas Nelson (November 11, 2008)


Ted is the son of missionaries John and Helen Dekker, whose incredible story of life among headhunters in Indonesia has been told in several books. Surrounded by the vivid colors of the jungle and a myriad of cultures, each steeped in their own interpretation of life and faith, Dekker received a first-class education on human nature and behavior. This, he believes, is the foundation of his writing.

After graduating from a multi-cultural high school, he took up permanent residence in the United States to study Religion and Philosophy. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, Dekker entered the corporate world in management for a large healthcare company in California. Dekker was quickly recognized as a talent in the field of marketing and was soon promoted to Director of Marketing. This experience gave him a background which enabled him to eventually form his own company and steadily climb the corporate ladder.

Since 1997, Dekker has written full-time. He states that each time he writes, he finds his understanding of life and love just a little clearer and his expression of that understanding a little more vivid. To see a complete list of Dekker’s work, visit The Works section of

Here are some of his latest titles:

Chosen (The Lost Books, Book 1) (The Books of History Chronicles)


Black: The Birth of Evil (The Circle Trilogy Graphic Novels, Book 1)


Product Details

List Price:$15.99
Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (November 11, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1595546049
ISBN-13: 978-1595546043


(Click Pictures to Zoom!)

My sleeping patterns and LOVE.

I am one of those toss and turn people. I toss and turn for about 15 to 20 minutes before I find a comfy position and fall asleep. Last night as I tossed and turned I realized something….I toss and turn in the same way every night. As I began to think on this I realized how much my tossing and turning is comparable to how I see my relationship with Christ.

I always start out on my left side when I lay down, soon I turn to my stomach, and then my right side, and then finally my back. But I always return to my left side and this is where I fall asleep. It so reminds me of how our relationship with Christ is. We find that we want to change our relationship with Christ so we turn one way or another, trying new things or even taking a break. But slowly we come back to the thing that brought us to Him in the first place, Love. We try works, we try grace, we try it all but in the end it is LOVE that keeps us returning. True love is comfy and familiar, just like me sleeping on my left side. I say it is comfy and familiar because it is from God, and not of this world. Love from the world is anything but comfy and familiar. But love from God is because He created us in LOVE. But sometimes I try to rest in a different way, like making works my priority instead of love. In the end I move on, because it is not LOVE. And so I end my tossing and turning back where I am familiar, and I end my seeking at the thing I find most familiar, HIS LOVE.

I am beginning to see how LOVE should influence my life as a follower of Christ and that lack of LOVE in my life, and in the church. More on that later….

So this post is a jumping point for my thoughts to come…


Word Filled Wednesday


I love this verse. It is one of those verse I love to “see” in my mind. A few weeks ago while on my retreat we were asked to visualize this verse. To imagine God, using just dust from the earth, creating a living being. And He breathed life into him. It is so hard to wrap my limited brain around this beautiful concept. So as I sat on my bench near the river I stared at the ground, the dust, and was in awe of our Powerful God.

We were asked to take our visualizing one step further, and “see” ourselves being created. Ummm can I tell you how glad I was that we were able to do this during our quiet time later that day. When I did “see” Him, the Creator of the Universe, creating me, I wept. I have a hard time seeing my true worth in Christ at times. But in doing this I can no longer see myself as unworthy. He created me. Me. Oh the pitter-patter of my heart at that thought.

I hope you rest in the knowledge today that our Creator created YOU, beautiful YOU. And He loves you very much!

For more WFW go visit The Beautiful Amy Deanne.


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