Well butter my biscuits…..

Do you ever find yourself wishing for the new week to come….let’s just say that was my week last week.

Thursday was a rough day. One of our boys in the program lost his home to a fire caused by lightening. And a man I very much admired passed away. I hate days like that.

But there is always a flip side to things…Wayne may be missed here on Earth, but he is dancing with Jesus and that is amazing. And yes the fire was devastating but no one was hurt and the only things destroyed are replaceable. Of course that is how I feel a few days after said day.

But I love how God shows up in the midst of tough times…church was awesome, I am thinking of starting a bible study…something that has been on my heart for a while… And I spent some much needed time with a friend this weekend.

Mum and I have been doing a special dinner on Sundays for my Memaw…she is not eating so we have been cooking her favorite foods on Sunday to take to her…today I made fried chicken for her…the way she taught me of course. I am such a sentimental person…when doing things like this my mind always goes back in time. Memaw is not doing well at all but when I think of all she has taught me and all the grand memories…life gets more bearable. I am so thankful that God gave us the ability to remember special times…they make the rough time’s easier…

And now for a break from the seriousness.
Ok I am a pretty good cook…except when it comes to biscuits and when you live in the south biscuits are important ya’ll! Well come to find out my Dad is a master biscuit maker…and he learned to make them from the internet….the internet ya’ll! Holy Schmoly! I have to admit my jealousy was out in full force when he made some to go with our dinner and they were tasty, in fact…YUMMY! So the dad that can’t cook and the daughter than can are at a turning point….I am thinking of hanging up my apron….ok maybe not :o)
But seriously how funny is that!



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