On the Third Day….

of every month I am going to blog about Third Day :o) Mr. Mark Lee has come up with a fun idea for blogger fans to blog about the band on the third day of each month. And if you did not know… Third Day has their own Blog.

I was first introduced to Third Day while working at a Family Christian Store. I was going through a valley at that point in my life and really had no interest at all in things dealing with God. Now I think back and laugh at the fact that God has such an incredible sense of humor. One of the other girls at the store loved Third Day and when we would work together she would always put in their “bus” album. I started really enjoying the album, especially Love Song. It just spoke to me. I still cannot hear it without tearing up!

So I ended up with the first two albums and really enjoyed it. Now…. how did Third Day become my favorite band…well the album Time came out :o) It is still my favorite to this day! And pretty soon after that I saw them in concert with Jennifer Knapp (I think there might have been someone else but I don’t remember) My best friend at the time and I traveled down to Mount Paran Church of God North….I wanted to see Third Day and she wanted to see Jennifer Knapp! We were there really early and ended up in the first row…it was amazing! I had never really been to a concert like this and found a smile on my face from beginning to end! The guys were so energetic and fun, it was very different from what I expected a concert to be. And the worship…it was a change for me watching these people worship God, most of the audience had their eyes closed and were lost in worship. The presence of God was there and I know it changed me that night. I had never seen people freely worship like that and not care what others thought. That freedom touched me. Everytime I hear Your Love Oh Lord I think of that night 9 years ago. After the show we met both Jennifer Knapp and the Third Day fellows and I liked them even more after that because they were so nice and down to earth.
This was really my first concert type experience and I loved it and from that night on if there was a concert I wanted to be there (and not just Third Day concerts!)

So after that experience I meet my friend, Laina, who became my concert buddy…but that story is for another time :o)

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1 Response to “On the Third Day….”

  1. 1 Traci July 3, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    Thanks for visiting HAYSTACKS and leaving such a kind comment. I enjoyed reading your post. :)

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