Traveled Down the Road and Back Again…

Hmmm I should be sleeping but I cannot seem to get my brain to stop…So I will start with a funny little story…

As you know I have a puppy dog named Sami.  Sami is interesting to say the least.  She is so clumsy and has a tendency to be very vocal…but that is not the oddest thing about Sami.  The oddest thing about her is that she will stop whatever she is doing and run to the television any time she hears the Golden Girls theme song and she proceeds to watch the whole theme song and move her head back and forth like she is trying to figure out what is going on…

Now if that were not crazy enough I recorded an episode to our DVR and have proceeded to play it several (umm ok a LOT of times) this weekend to watch her reaction.  She is obsessed (and what, my friends, does that say about me?!?! She had to get it from some where!)   

Oh. My. Word.  Have we laughed this weekend about it. 

It was quite the boring week here in Critty world.  Went to work and also had my staff evaluation this week.  We had a graduation and a few meltdowns too.  I love how every week is different at work…and some weeks are much better than others!  But the good thing is it is never boring.  And there is always redemption in the bad weeks even when we feel like pulling our hair out.

And as for what is on my heart…

I ordered of the book Gianna this week, in fact, I read the whole book on Saturday. It is a great book with an awesome story as to the power of my God. I must admit I have a hard time with the abortion issue: limitations, late term, viability of life. It is such a hard concept for me as to when it is okay and when it is not okay. When is life, life? Is it at conception, when the heart starts beating, or when the baby can live outside of the womb? I know each person has a different opinion and personally I think life is from the moment of conception. Which of course leads back to the fact as a Christian do I vote morally in an election (does the bible have a politics section?) or do I vote for who can do the best job as President and the other offices available this year. I know sometimes it can be both, but when it is not what am I called to do? I must admit I am tired of the election stuff…not just nationally but locally too. One of the major downfalls of growing up and living in a small town, especially a southern small town, is the fact that it can get very, very personal. I think some where along the line we have skewed the process and not enough people are wanting or willing to do what it takes to fix the problem. Sigh. Let’s just say I am ready for November to be over and leave it at that….

Wow that was a heavy topic for a midnight blog post :o)

On that note….




1 Response to “Traveled Down the Road and Back Again…”

  1. 1 Laina Breazeale July 1, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    TRISTY!!!! It’s so good to hear about your sweet pupsters! hehehehehe… she loves Golden Girls?! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! You should totally record that and put it on YouTube. It would be the next sensation.

    Love you, Friend…

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