The One with the Secret Society

I must admit I do feel a little like I might be inducted into a secret society this weekend….because I have no clue where I am going and I am not allowed to have any type of media device…no cell or computer until Sunday night…

Oh I guess I should tell you where I am going huh! I am attending a Tres Dias weekend.

I am praying and hoping for renewal and just a fantastic weekend with my God :o)

So I am excited and nervous all at once.

In other news…

It’s time for me to pick out a new cell phone…you know there are too many choices I am still narrowing it down.

Breaking News…Whoohoo
David Cook won American Idol! I love some DC.

Now back to my post…

I feel like I will be traveling so much over the next few months…Camp in FL, MI to visit Bethers and sweet Brynn…and vacation to Sanibel Island. So much to look forward to over the next few months. Just what I need after the last 4 months!

I have realized what a terrible packer I am…I want to pack everything I might even remotely need…like extra clothing, or I might run out of shampoo…or what if I need this… should I take my extra cinnamon gum, can I do with out it???
I think I make packing much more stressful than it should be!


My sweet nephew Nate-Nate is graduating from Kindergarten tomorrow…sniff.

Where has the time gone?!  I look at the photo of me holding him just minutes old and he is already done with one grade of school. 

Well graduation is at the crack of dawn in the morning…ok 8:30 but still I need my beauty sleep…I hope we sleep this weekend…haha.

So have a wonderful weekend and I will return next week :o)




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