The Characters of Life.

So for the month of May I have been doing a Chronicles of Narnia theme for my bible class at work.  It has been fun and I have enjoyed watching them watch the movie…and reading the essay’s of those on discipline.  It has been a fun two Friday’s so far.  Today they did character studies on some of the main characters in the books. So…

As I sat at the doctor’s office this morning…the 4th time this month alone I observed those around me.  One lady in particular sticks out…she slammed the door on me when I was coming in (she did not mean to!) but as I started observing her I realized she was probably in her 70’s and she was sharp as a tack.  My favorite part of her conversation with her daughter was that she loved the white pants she had on and she needed to get some more because, well she only wears white pants.  And she only wears white underoos too.  As I tried to sit there with an expressionless face (I failed) she started laughing and then she taps my shoulder and says, Honey when you get older you have no secrets!  At this point I burst out laughing and proceeded to have an interesting conversation with her.  We were seeing the same doctor and so she gave me the scoop and then we were on our way… So after my lovely initial visit with the doctor I had to get another chest x-ray and then was waiting to pay my bill and she sits beside me and pats my hand and says da– it all to he– could this place take any longer to get us out of here!  At this point I once again lost it and she winks and says I hope you laugh for the rest of the day young lady.  She patted my cheek and left.  

I will probably never met this lady again but she saw my nervousness and unease and made my day a little better.

And I think to all the characters in my life and realize how blessed I am at times.  Even this lady who I will probably never see again was for a moment an important part of my life.  I think to the teens I work with and how they come and go but are always a small part of me…and my high school friends and college friends…even those I will probably never see again.

I love the incidentals in this life…it makes the time we are here on earth interesting…and worth living at times when we really long for heaven.

As to the doctor’s appointment…well I have to get some blood work done and another chest x-ray and my next appointment is May 30th.  I was really hoping to be done for a while but alas no yet.  I am learning to be patient. :o)

I have much to look forward to over the next couple of months so that helps :o)


Have a wonderful weekend…




1 Response to “The Characters of Life.”

  1. 1 Amydeanne May 12, 2008 at 10:33 am

    i hope your blood tests go well at the end of the month.. and yes, life’s incidentals are what keeps things interesting, aren’t they?
    God Bless!

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