Being Uncomfortable in a Comfortable World

So this is a what’s on my heart post.

I must admit… I have a lovely life.  I really, really do.  This year God has opened my eyes to some things that make me uncomfortable.  Watching this video on Shannon’s site made me uncomfortable. I suggest you go watch it. Be prepared. It is something that if I close my eyes and think about I can almost feel my heart breaking.

I get so comfortable so easily, here I sit on my laptop, watching satellite television, with my lamp and fan on (electricity, people,it is nice!) and I realize that my Catherine probably is sleeping on the floor, not even on a bed, and has probably never seen television or even a laptop. How could I not sponsor her? I have so much, and really 32 dollars a month is like dinner and a movie out. So yeah I am making myself uncomfortable…by the worlds standards, but by Catherine’s standards that is school, food, life. And really I have yet to miss that money. As I started this year I asked for someone special. Haha…I should know better….God really does have a sense of humor. I was thinking boyfriend…God was thinking Catherine. For some background you can read about Catherine here.

Catherine’s photo is now everywhere so that I can see it. At work, in my car, here in my room. To remind me to pray for her and her Mom and her brother and sister. Everyday and every moment I can. From now on I will be praying for all those other children, who were like my Catherine, until God lead me to her and I became her sponsor. And I hope she sees Christ through my letters, and through me one day. I want to see this little girl, who at 7 years old has captured my heart, and we have never met, never spoken, and all we have are letters and photos. And that is enough. I LOVE her.

So if you want to get a little uncomfortable Go to the Compassion Website and look at those faces and choose one. You can show the love of Christ.

God has been taking my life and turning it upside down this year….and at first I was not a happy gal. Seriously. I am quite content to live in my ordinary little existence, in my small town life. And now I cannot wait to see what else He has in store for me.

I am so blessed. And I am going to work on being more uncomfortable…because I think I should be uncomfortable in this world…this is not where I belong. I so forget that…and I forget it often. That work in progress thing, it really is true.


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