And then she fell asleep….

haha…that’s what I feel like might happen.  My nifty cough medicine has kicked in and I am a little loopy and a lot sleepy at this point!

I just talked with my one of my best pals, Allison, and it was so nice to talk with her…well we actually “talked” on myspace im…which besides internal chat with gmail is my new favorite thing as it allowed me to connect with my Allison!  Okay I am still not a chat person and I am still not a big fan of myspace but it did have a redeeming quality tonight…now if one I could work on my addiction to facebook :o)

So we were making plans for my birthday…in October….I might add.  Why now you ask?  Well for two reasons…One is that I will be the dreaded 3-0 and two …Wicked is coming to Atlanta…oh yes ma’am and this chick is very excited.  So we will be eating some place really fun and then seeing Wicked…and I am oh so excited!  I love doing things like this and for my birthday I feel oh so special!

It has been a long day…I had to call the doctor and get some medrol (stupid steroids, they make me break out and gain weight…but I do join the living again after taking them)  so hopefully by Monday I will be feeling mucho better.  Now if this stupid pollen would go on it’s merry yellow way.

Speaking of Monday I am ready to get back to working out…I have missed it this week and want to get back into the routine.  So I am look forward to Monday…who knew?!?

It was an interesting day as I got up, took a nap, got up again, got ready for work, went to work, had a meeting that I am not sure I remember, and came back home, took a nap, had dinner, watched some 90210 (hey I cannot help it, it just sucked me in!) took another nap…and now here I am ready to go to bed.  Wow could my days get any wilder?

Well I am off to read and catch some zzzz’s.




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