Sorry I am using my hamburger phone…

That line was probably one of my favorites in the movie I just finished…Juno.  It was cute and heart wrenching.  I laughed and it made me think.  I love movies like that.

It has been a boring week as I am down for the count with a URI and UTI.  I just cannot do anything half way.

I have spent time wandering around the internet this week catching up on blogs, friends on facebook, and getting slightly addicted to an online game called the Impossible Quiz.  It is possibly the stupidest thing ever but I can not stop!

I have been reading a lot this week too.  I am a judge for a book competition and so I have been trying to finish up the four books for that.  And I have been just reading for fun when I am not sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping I have been doing much of that the last couple of days.  It has been crazy!  But hopefully it will help me feel better sooner.

And I have missed working out this week…I never thought I would miss it but I do!  Which makes me happy.

Well I am off to get some more sleep…I have to work for a while tomorrow…



2 Responses to “Sorry I am using my hamburger phone…”

  1. 1 melzie April 18, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Wow I want to be a book fun :) Just don’t go all Simon Cowell’ish. I am a HUGE LOTR fan, I could just watch the movies in snips and pieces every day, and the books um yeah, can’t ever put the books down, have them lying around everywhere to pick up. Do you like the Narnia series? I am all excited about the next one coming out soon, and my son is trying to get me into these Eragon books/movies. I watched the movie finally so now I’ll just HAVE to read the books ;) GTG I’m off to my FUN and EXCITING and HIGH PAYING ENVIABLE job. Oh wait no I’m off to WENDY’S to work ;) LOL xoxo melzie

  2. 2 Maria Delgado April 18, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Juno. It had way too much language.

    So how are ya?

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