Calling all Romantics at Heart….

Have I just finished a book you will love!  A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman.  I have been hearing murmurings about this book since the beginning of December and could not wait to read this one.  I love long fiction books and well this one was a sure fire read when I heard it was causing a stir with some sensuousness and edginess in the Christian fiction market.  (I like a good scandal gals :o)

So I have been sick the last few days and thought here is a great time to pick up A Passion Most Pure.  I was immediately taken in by the main character, Faith.  She is gutsy and fun and as I was reading realized that her thoughts were as my thoughts would have been.  Mrs. Lessman does a fantastic job of keeping you clued in to what the characters are thinking and feeling.  You start to feel as the characters do, they hurt, you hurt, they love, you love.  Charity is Faith’s younger sister and I must admit….I was not a big fan of her.  But as the story goes on I began to realize she was hurting too…so I cannot wait to read her story in Julie’s second book.  Collin, the rogue main male character, be still my heart!  Mrs. Lessman brings him to life and  pretty soon I was falling in love with this man who did not know what he wants.  I could go on but I don’t want to ruin the book…let’s just say, kisses, engagements, broken engagements, war, jealousy, bouts of passion and love lead to one of my new favorite books!

Mrs. Lessman also gives a great look at a strong Christian marriage, and what struggles look like in that marriage.  I fell in love with Faith’s parents, Patrick and Marcy, and soon found myself wishing for more scenes with the two of them also.  In fact the family gave me a few good laughs, the youngest daughter, Katie, gave me several moments of chuckles.  Mrs. Gerson the neighbor was endearing to my heart and her story, well lets just say I did shed a few tears.

 Mrs. Lessman spends a great deal of the book on character development, which to be honest, is a highlight for me, especially since there are going to be two more books in this series.  I felt as if I was looking in on a family and seeing how they lived, loved, and worshipped.  So many times books just focus on the main characters but I felt like I was introduced to each family member and learned things about each of them.

As for the sensuousness…I found that this book was a real book in that Mrs. Lessman did not shy away from how we gals feel sometimes when we are in crush mode, or in love.  She dealt with passion in an honest and true light and I hope other authors will follow her example.  This book is one of the most real life books I have read, no blushing over romantic feelings and passions, but a real honest look at those feeling we deal with and the different ways we can react.

At 477 pages this is not a light read.  But if you want to read a really great, character and romance driven book then this is a great pick as your first read for 2008!

A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman is published by Revell.  It should be available at retailers later on this month.


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