in need of a yield sign…

Well I get a new blog and then I don’t update…hmmm

Life has been super busy and so I have not really thought about updating.  So let’s see…

Classes are going well….I had to drop two because of health and stress…and then God opened another door for me through a fellow student.  See I have no desire to be licensed by the state of Georgia so I am changing my degree plan to Christian Psychological Studies with a specialization in Children and Adolescents.  It is half the hours and then I can work full time at the Joy House.  I have been so excited about this for a week.  I was starting to really stress because I wanted to be at school full time and at work full time.  Now I can get a masters in less time and start working in the ministry full time.  If I do desire to go back to PSI and finish my MFT degree I can…and I will already be half way done.  I really am excited and feel so grateful that God opened this door for me.  And I get to take the classes I really wanted to take which were the Child and Adolescent classes.

It has been a crazy month at work with our BBQ fundraiser and Chrissie was out of town so I took over her clients for a week….so by Friday I had seen 20 clients…a new record for me. This coming week is our first annual golf tournament, where I will be the “official” photography gal.   I also finished our PR board so I was glad that was done. 

Then this coming weekend is my Intensive class which I have been looking forward to for a while…Counseling with Adolescents!  I will be in Chattanooga for the weekend too so that sounds fun!

The following weekend we have a staff retreat and the weekend after that is TFC homecoming….I hope I am going if Allison can go!

So life is crazy busy…and in the midst of it all I will be hitting my last year as a 20 something….eek!  I am not sure about this birthday!  I just hope I do something fun that day :o)

I am also looking at getting a puppy…a cocker spaniel or a miniature schnauzer.  I have been wanting one for a while so we will see.  I do know I want a boy and his name will be Barnabas…  I have always wanted a Barnabas…aka Barn or Barney.  I am leaning more toward the schnauzer… we will see :o)

So yeah my voice seems to be leaving again…and my hacking cough and sore throat have made a return so instead of class in the morning it is back to the doctor for me…it was a nice run of feeling pretty great though :o)

 I cannot wait for mid October to be here so I can take a break I feel like I have been going non-stop for a few weeks and that pattern will continue for a while…I need to stop or yield for a while and cannot wait for that time to come.

 Well I must finish up some homework for tomorrow…


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